Jon Stewart Vs. Fox: Why Stewart Is Reigning Champion

Jon Stewart“How crazy is it when politicians are a joke and comedians are taken seriously?”

On the latest edition of Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace “welcomed” Comedy Central headliner and Daily Show host Jon Stewart to the program, basically to convict him of expressing media bias that Stewart himself doesn’t approve of in his own right. Wallace goes on to show clip after clip of segments of Jon Stewart’s show that depict him making fun of the Republican party in more than one way, explaining how his own program is biased as well. Stewart didn’t back down to any of the questions, but instead tried to answer them the best he could; defending his views on everything. Wallace later put out on the table that this comedian is trying to be a political player, which Stewart denied. He went on to explain why it might seem like his statements on his show carry a lot more weight than what comes out of Chris Wallace’s mouth.

“I am given credibility in this world because of the disappointment that the public has in what the news media does.”

Wallace tried to explain that the Fox viewers aren’t disappointed with the program, but then Jon Stewart had this to say:

“In the polls, who are the most consistently misinformed media viewers? Fox. Fox viewers. Consistently. Every Poll.”
Wallace had no comment and went on to bash Stewart’s network, Comedy Central, by showing a clip from the 2005 Roast of Pamela Anderson. He then continued by saying that “there is good stuff and there is bad stuff” when comparing the two networks (Fox being the good stuff, and Comedy Central being bad). Wallace seemed to imply that because of where Jon Stewart is coming from he is not as superior as Fox; that a network that has shows like South Park and Reno 911 will never be as good as Fox, and lacks substance.

(Just as a personal side note, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, AKA the creators of South Park, recently won 9 Tony Awards for The Book of Mormon.)

I can understand that Fox News might want to defend itself after what seems like a lifetime of getting the finger from Stewart and Co., but the fact is they are only digging themselves a very large hole.

For example, about a month ago Fox News made a very big deal about rapper/actor/poet Common making an appearance at the White House for a poetry reading. Fox claimed that he was a misogynistic, cop-killing rapper that should never have been allowed to step foot into the event. Jon Stewart and what I would believe millions of viewers and fans of Common (like myself) went “What?” Stewart ripped apart the news program, showing a clip of Sean Hannity, another Fox correspondent, demean Common’s entire catalog, but support Ted Nugent’s comments on Obama and Hillary Clinton (including calling the President a piece of s***, and suggesting Hillary ride on his machine gun). Stewart went on Bill O’ Reilly (again, from Fox) and pointed out the fact that, although Common was on record of once supporting a cop killer, he wouldn’t be the only one that would visit the White House who has said/sung something about someone who has killed important officials, like Bono or Bob Dylan.

For years, Jon Stewart has gone to Fox News to defend his and his writers’ views on what they have noticed going on at that station. Jon, during the interview, didn’t deny that other news stations aren’t biased (i.e. ABC and MSNBC) but like he stated, it is the Fox viewers that are “consistently misinformed.” When asked about the network he works on, Stewart supports it. When they tried to catch Stewart being supportive of Obama and not of the Republican Party, he claimed that he was disappointed in what Obama has (or hasn’t) done with our country. It seems to me that Fox is trying to catch Stewart off-guard and trip him into a hole that the comedian can’t climb out of, or to strip him of any sort of credibility that he has garnered over the years. Instead, Stewart seems to lend the Fox anchors a hand in digging themselves their own personal chasm.

In my opinion, Jon Stewart is one of the strongest members of the media in this generation, if not the strongest. Not only can he take something from the, in a better word, random world, and swing it to be funny, but he can take whatever material that happens to be on his show and defend it. He doesn’t avoid any questions that members of the media have for him, but takes every criticism head on. Honestly I wish I could shake Mr. Stewart’s hand. I feel like he is doing something great (he has been for some time), and needs to continue to point out flaws in our news media, no matter how many other people would like to tell him he’s wrong. And for some reason, I bet Stewart will make the next batch of reporters feel pretty stupid too.

Of course, these are my personal opinions. If you have an opinion on this matter, then please feel free to share it. The links below contain both the Chris Wallace interview and the Bill O’ Reilly interview.

Jon Stewart on Fox News Sunday Unedited
Jon Stewart on Bill O’Reilly

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