PS3 Players Rejoice! Mass Effect 2 is Finally Here

Here’s a little thought about console exclusiveness.  When a game is released solely onto one console (I’m ignoring PCs cuz I’m a Mac person and PCs scare me) it sucks.  Boasting ensues, lines are drawn in the sand and suddenly we’ve got a full on battle over which console is the best among the fans.  For those of us claiming to be Switzerland and not donning the uniform of either the XBOX 360 or Playstation 3 more money must be doled out to add whichever console is not already plugged into our home entertainment system.  I know personally I wasn’t going to be able to survive without playing the Uncharted series.  Besides, the PS3 can be written off as a Blu-ray player, making that purchase a pretty smart investment in my book.  Unfortunately, not everyone can do this.

Anyway, today a step was taken to bridge the gap between the 360 and PS3 with the release of Mass Effect 2 onto the PS3.  It may be a year following the original release on the 360, but when it comes to this game (which just so happens to be my favorite game of 2010) late is better than never.  You PS3 exclusive owners may be a little behind on the story since the first game is still just for the 360, but it is still a great game that allows new players to experience what this universe has to offer. However, if reading the wikipedia page to play catch up is too daunting of a task, watch this video for a very brief summary of the first game.

So do yourself the service of buying it, you won’t regret it.  Here’s the launch trailer just to help the decision along:

Still unsure if you want the game?  Well here are a few links that will have you jumping around our site in no time.

For my original review of Mass Effect 2, click here.

In addition to this review Zac and I did a Q and A discussing out thoughts on the game after playing through it, from the best and worst moments of the game, favorite characters, where we hope the series will go, etc.  Check that out here, though there will be some spoilers so avoid it if you want to go in fresh.

Something else to consider is that this PS3 version comes packed with the 3 playable DLC packs released on XBOX Live, so for my reviews on each of those follow these links: Kasumi’s Stolen Memory, Overlord, Lair of the Shadow Broker.

Finally convinced?  We’ll then follow this link to the ME 2 page and clear your schedule for the next week or 2.

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