Suggestion Box (Sept. 6 – 12)

This week’s Suggestion Box contains trailers for the movies Hereafter and Priest, my brief writeup for some of the premiered shows this fall, and then videos for Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, and Portal 2 in games.


Hereafter Trailer – The newest film paring Clint Eastwood as director and Matt Damon has Damon cast as a genuine psychic who has trouble living with his ability connected to the afterlife, interweaving stories of those who come into contact with him, bringing questions of their own about what lies ahead due to personal experiences.  Not to put too much into the trailer, but the brief clips alone of the acting shows a glimmer of the performances ahead, which will hopefully live up to what comes in the film.

Priest Trailer – Some people wear their heart on their sleeve, others wear their religion on their face.  Now I know what you are thinking, do we really need another vampire movie?  Heck, half the people in this trailer have played vampires themselves.  Well, at least two (Cam Gigandet for Twilight and Stephan Moyer for True Blood).  The point is I think there is room for one more.  And maybe this will make up for Paul Bettany being in Legion, cuz these two things kind of have their similarities at times…


Recent Fall Premieres Worth Checking Out –

1 – If you were a fan of Bring It On pre all of the sequels then Hellcats might be something to consider because it starts out with pretty much everything you need to remember the good old days of that film series.  Alyson Michalka replaces Eliza Dushku as a girl with an attitude, smarts, a certain opinion about cheerleaders, and a certain skill set and backstory that allows her to make the choice of joining the squad for the scholarship provided when she is about to get kicked out of school for not being able to pay somewhat believable as a replacement for an injured member of the school’s squad (phew run-on…).  To balance her out Ashley Tisdale takes the upbeat and optimistic captain’s role from Kirsten Dunst, and in all honesty I was quite surprised at how great she did in her performance (silly prejudgment on her Disney/High School Musical past).  The comparisons don’t stop there, but there is the classic tryout scene with those that are fun to mock and then a somewhat awkward (for me personally) routine from Michalka who has to show that she can bring something new to the table to shake the squad up and give them a fighting chance at this years competition.  Though we haven’t gotten any cheer-offs or overly quotable lines, the comedy of the movie still peaks its head out from time to time, while the drama mixed in has the CW written all over it.  The show will never threaten stealing focus away from the film for me, but it will be interesting to see the path they choose to take with the show (though if it goes too close to One Tree Hill I am just gonna have to tune out early).

2 – Other than knowing the name prior to now whenever I would hear Nikita I would go on a tangent in my mind towards Lolita because of the slight audible similarities (no actual similarities that I know of so far, phew).  Now after watching the series premiere of Nikita I would say I am fixing to know a little bit more.  Maggie Q plays the title character, a woman who was taken from prison and forced to work as an assassin for the government, before eventually escaping.  Now she is being hunted, but she sure is not going to make it easy.  The premiere sets up the general premise of the show in which she is working towards taking down the organization that made her who she is today, adding in a bunch of action along the way to allow Maggie Q to let her BA flag fly (none of that Operation: Endgame nonsense).  However, if the ending proves anything it is that there is far more than a simple revenge story underneath all the layers being built up.  Hopefully we will also get to see more from her past, including a better understanding of what made her jump ship and what happened while she was working as an assassin.

3 – The Vampire Diaries.  That’s right, I’m just gonna let that one soak in.  Okay, last year when this first premiered I wasn’t really won over since I already had tons of vampires in my life, so it wasn’t really anything special yet.  However, I stuck by this one and eventually it worked its way to being my guilty pleasure every Thursday night.  The 2nd season premiered this week and it is starting strong right out of the gates, making changes to familiar characters that the audience has become too comfortable with, reminding the audience that in a show where there are killers around all the time, bad things can and will happen.  Also, Nina Dobrev is getting to show some serious depth in her acting now that she is playing two majorly different characters.


Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Dev. Diary 2 – (360/Ps3/PC) – If you were intimidated by the length of the last ACB video I posted a while back, then you are in luck because this Dev. Diary basically talks about all of the same stuff we saw in that one, but edited together instead of just having a solid block of gameplay.  YAY!  Basically they talk about how taking down the bad guy towers in the different sections of Rome (which will have a recreated Colosseum!) will start to look on the up and up with healthier people, shops, stables, and tons of merriment.  They also talk about some changes to the combat system, including the assassination techniques involving horses, as well as ordering your recruits to get their hands dirty.

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Preview – (360/PS3) – I know I have been posting a ton of videos for this game, but each and everytime I see something new about it I just get even more excited.  A lot of what is mentioned in this video has been seen before, but in the first couple of minutes we get to see a few more platforming areas that take place within the opening section of the game, and the environments and sections to play through look truly impressive.  I know that a lot of games are coming out this fall (with loads of money going to Halo: Reach and Call of Duty: Black Ops from most), but if you are like me and more into the action/adventure platforming games then this might be the one to put your money towards.  Especially because its source material will hopefully serve as the inspiration for a really great story.

Portal 2 (Full Length) Co-op Trailer – (360/PS3/PC/Mac) – Okay, maybe I should have saved that comment about providing way too many videos for Enslaved for this video of Portal 2, but I can’t help it if they keep releasing awesome stuff.  Sure the puzzles are fun and all, but just look at how adorable they are!  You can hardly fault me for my level of excitement…

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