SYTYCD – Season 7 – Top 8 Perform

Robert and KathrynThey’re changing it up a bit this week by letting the dancers dance two routines. Once with an All-Star they haven’t danced with yet, and another time with one of their competitors. Sounds like fun SYTYCD fans!

Well I don’t know if you can call this Top 8 because Alex won’t be performing on the show tonight… He got injured during rehearsal on Tuesday. They don’t know if he’ll be be able to continue though, so keep your fingers crossed for him.

Top 8 & All-Stars

Lauren ft. Pasha (Jean-Marc Généreux & France Mosseau – Cha-cha-cha) – This routine was pretty good, but I just wasn’t feeling the heat. Which is kind of odd, she was dancing with Pasha after all! And once again I disagree with the judges when it comes to Lauren. I still like her though, so I hope she stays.

Jose ft. Lauren (Mandy Moore – Contemporary) – Everyone’s got to admit Jose’s charisma is what’s been keeping him on the show, he’s clearly the worst of the boys. Out of all his performances, I’d say this one was the best, but it doesn’t mean much though. I felt like Mandy Moore simplified this routine so that he would look good doing it. However, I’ll give you him credit for ‘personal growth’.

Kent ft. Comfort (Dave Scott – Hip-hop) – I’m not really sure what to say about this routine, he just looked really white doing it lol. Kent reminded me a lot of Justin Timberlake, whether that’s a bad thing or not, I’ll let you be the judge. Adam had to be inappropriate with his ‘big’ comment, but it was hilarious nonetheless haha. (BTW I thought of this JT thing w/o the help of Kat and the judges)

Adéchiké ft. Courtney (Mandy Moore – Jazz) – For once, I’m going to have to agree with Mia. It was a fun routine yes, but he was having so much fun that he got sloppy. He also wasn’t playing a character, he was just being his pompous self (which I still find uber annoying).

Billy ft. Katee (Spencer Liff – Broadway) – The choreography can be partly blamed, but Billy and Katee were just doing their own thing. For a partner dance, I just found it to be awkward. In previous weeks, the judges went on about how he didn’t have connections with his partners. That was most obvious to me this week, but none of them seemed to care. Hmm…

Ashley ft. Dominic (Tabitha & Napoleon – Hip-hop) – Ashley killed this routine! I knew she could do more than contemporary all along! You can’t ask for more from a hip-hop routine.

Robert ft. Kathryn (Sean Cheesman – Jazz) – What a creative concept! I have to say he was a very convincing doll. Robert continues to be great, but I would like to see him do more than jazz/contemporary.

Top 8

Adéchiké ft. Marla (Nakul Dev Mahajan – Bollywood) – Poor guy, both of his partners were replaced tonight. I’m gonna have to agree with the judges here, he was just plain sloppy. I’ll ease up a bit on him though, it was a very fast routine. Oh but then he had to go and do the arrogant chest-bump. He can go home for all I care.

Kent & Lauren (Travis Wall – Contemporary) – Good choreography, it just felt a little generic. Kent and Lauren executed it wonderfully though. Young love, there’s not much more disgusting in this world than that.

Robert & Ashley (Jean-Marc Généreux & France Mosseau – Quickstep) – I know nothing about quickstep, but it looked convincing enough. It was a very fun ballroom routine to watch.

Billy & Jose (Sean Cheesman – African Jazz) – Hunter and the jaguar. I’m gonna agree with Nigel and say neither of them danced their role with enough intensity.

Seeing how I’ve been very wrong in the previous weeks, I’m gonna make two guesses lol. According to the rules, Alex has to be one of the bottom three. I want Billy and Adéchiké to be the other two. But let’s face it, I’m probably wrong and it’ll be Robert and Jose. If Robert goes home tomorrow, I might stop watching this season. So let’s hope he doesn’t go home =)

One thought on “SYTYCD – Season 7 – Top 8 Perform

  1. If I had my way it would be Adechike and Jose in the bottom because I don’t honestly feel like either of them deserved to be in the top 10. Maybe if they had done a top 20 again this season, but they just aren’t holding their own at all. But like you said, I haven’t been doing too well with my guessing for the bottom in the previous weeks. As long as it isn’t another girl going home (which I seriously doubt, but still)…

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