SYTYCD – Season 7 – Top 9 Perform

Only 3 girls and 6 guys left. During tonight’s show, they’ll also be dancing a solo along with their choreographed routines. They’re all amazing in their own field, no doubt about that,  but how do they do outside of it? Read on my friend!

Adéchiké ft. Lauren (Dave Scott) – As the song says, Hot and Fun! It seems like a different kind of hip-hop for me, but it was enjoyable. Adéchiké’s being over confident annoyed me a bit though.

Ashley ft. Ade (Dee Caspary) – This routine was good! I thought the first half was kind of boring, but it really picked up for the second half. Not just because the song picked up in pace, but it was really nice to just see Ashley let go and show off her dance moves. Wow!

Robert ft. Courtney (Sonya Tayeh) – Before Nigel even said it, I so thought Robert reminded me of Mark tonight! Mark aka. Amazing that is. I can’t describe this routine any better than Robert himself, “this dance is powerful, intense, creepy, and crazy.” It’s a Sonya Tayeh routine people, it can’t get better than this!

Melinda ft. Pasha (Fabian Sanchez) – She does dance better this week, I’ll give her that. She doesn’t look so awkward by herself, but together with Pasha, they still look extremely awkward together… I agree with Nigel, it just didn’t flow very well.

Lauren ft. Neil (Joey Dowling) – What a fun Broadway routine, which is def. new for me! I think it was the fact that it was someone else besides Tyce Diorio. I’m not sure what Mia’s talking about, because I thought Lauren was extremely sexy tonight! I thought her dancing was very strong tonight, which made it seems very sexy, but I guess the judges think otherwise. On a side note, I’m very glad Neil is back on tonight’s show. Lauren and Neil looked so good together!

Billy ft. Kathryn (Stacey Tookey) – I think this is the first routine I’ve liked Billy in. Despite what the judges said, I felt a lot of emotions in this routine. So yeah, go Billy!

Jose ft. Anya (Dmitry Chaplin) – Jose & Samba? Well that’s something no one expected. I thought Jose did very well though. He looked a little stiff, but still he looked so good dancing with Anya.

Kent ft. Allison (Mandy Moore) -Anyone thought it was ironic when Allison said Kent needs to more of a man and not act like one? I got a little giggle out of it lol. Kent’s been very good in the past so I guess he was good tonight? His outfit was just too distracting and I couldn’t really concentrate on his dancing. Whoever made him wear that needs to be shot, over and over again.

Alex ft. Twitch (Tabitha & Napoleon) – Alex was way out of his element with hip-hop, but he looked so amazing doing it! Nappytabs, you guys blew me away with this hip-hop routine! It was also a good laugh when Tabitha was doing hip thrust during the judging portion haha.

My guess for the bottom three: Adéchiké, Melinda, and Billy. Anyone of them I can home tomorrow, I don’t really care.

Other thoughts on tonight’s show. They used some of the less popular choreographers tonight, but I thought they all choreographed some amazing routines tonight! They should do more same sex routine. In my opinion, the top three guys are Robert, Kent, and Alex. My favorite is still Robert though. Ranking the girls from best to worst, Ashley, Lauren, then Melinda.

One thought on “SYTYCD – Season 7 – Top 9 Perform

  1. I am with you for 2 of the 3 you pegged for the bottom, though I would replace Billy with Jose. But no one cares that he can’t really dance outside his element because he has won everyone over with that smile. I’m just afraid that we are going to be down to 2 girls after tomorrow night, which means even less time to see my all star men…

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