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Devo advised to whip a problem when it came along, but I am not Indiana Jones.  Instead I would much rather take the advice of the narrator in the A-Team, because calling them in when a debacle arises just seems way cooler.

Based on the 1980s TV series, this incarnation starts with the introduction of the four men on their first mission together.  Eventually they form the “A-Team,” successfully completing a vast number of missions together that most other soldiers fighting in the war in Iraq would not expect to come back alive from.  It’s just what they do.  While out on one of these missions things don’t go quite so well and they end up being framed for a crime that they didn’t commit.  However, prison time just so happens to be a great time to plan your next move when you want to clear your name and get revenge when you just so happen to know who set you up.  I pity the fool who thinks bars can contain them!  (I’m sorry… I couldn’t resist.  And you should have expected it at some point…)

As someone who doesn’t know anything about the original show other than the catchphrase I just poorly slid in and Mr. T’s lovely mohawk, this film is a great introduction into the world of The A-Team.  What we get is an action film that is just on the right side of the ridiculous without losing the capability of carrying a somewhat serious and interesting storyline in the process.  Let’s face it, Jason Bourne would not get away with trying the majority of what they did, including parachuting to the earth in a tank while trying to shoot a drone out of the sky, yet somehow there is no doubt that these guys could pull it off.

Not only is it ridiculous, but it is hilarious thanks to the amazing casting job on this film.  Liam Neeson plays the calmly assertive ringleader Hannibal, heading the team filled out with Bradley Cooper as Faceman, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson as Bosco “B.A.” Baracus, and Sharlto Copley as Murdock.  All do great in their roles, and though Jackson is surrounded by ridiculously talented actors, he actually impresses by holding his own.  I might have thought that his character’s journey in the film was a little unnecessary since I just wanted to see him pounding peoples’ faces in, but he still pulled it off well.  Copley also continues to impress following his amazing job in District 9, and I cannot wait to see what he will do in the future.  Cooper easily pulls off the smooth ladies man persona opposite of Jessica Biel, who easily pulls off what is asked of her as the military woman tasked with containing the whole A-Team situation considering she is most likely there just to further Faceman’s persona; but in the end this is a man’s world.  Speaking of which, Patrick Wilson provides the right amount of seediness for his CIA agent role who tiptoes the line of trustworthiness, but in the end the film does so well by playing up the interactions of the four members of the team as they hit these ridiculous situations head on without flinching and with a smile on their faces.

The A-Team is just what you would want in a fun summer action flick, mixing in the right amount of comedy, stunts, explosions, and all around awesomeness without skimping on the main characters to do so.  I pity the fool who doesn’t see this movie.  (That’s right!  You saw it coming and I still can’t pull it off, but I wrote it anyway!  Eh heh heh…)

Final grade: B+

One thought on “Now Playing Review – The A-Team

  1. Jessica Biel = HOOOOOOOOT
    Bradley Cooper = HOOOOOOOOOT

    what more do you want

    i pity the fool who doesn’t watch this.

    or right and


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