SYTYCD – Season 7 – Top 10 Results

Well I couldn’t have been more wrong. Cristina, Melinda, and Robert ended up being the bottom three.

The show started off with an excellent routine by Sonya Tayeh. I don’t know about you guys, but she’s definitely my favorite choreographer on the show now. There’s just a quality to her routines that make them very sexy in my opinion. The music, the costumes, the steps, everything.

Then Nigel talked a bit about National Dance Day and the video that Tabatha and Napoleon made. I watched it and it seems kind of fun (I wish the quality of the video was better though). Maybe I’ll give it a try this weekend when I’m bored.

After that, they brought Cristina, Adéchiké, and Kent up on stage. Out of this group, I wanted Adéchiké to be in the bottom three, but it was Cristina.

Next were Jose, Melinda, Ashley, and Alex. Well I did guess one thing correctly this time, Melinda being in the bottom three.

The last group was Robert, Billy, and Lauren. I was thinking Billy for sure for this one, but no, it had to be Robert

The guest dancers this time were very cool and inspiring, RemoteKontrol ft. Bryan Gaynor.

Then Cristina, Melinda, and Robert “danced for their lives.”

Musical guest this time, Debbie Nova with “Drummer Boy.” I think the best thing about this was seeing the 6 all stars dance with her.

Well after more stuff was dragged out, the judges decided to send Cristina home. I’m disappointed it’s not Melinda, but hell, I’m just glad they kept Robert! So now the show is left with 6 guys and 3 girls, interesting.

6 thoughts on “SYTYCD – Season 7 – Top 10 Results

  1. Oh Trieu… Heather, my mother and I all hate Robert. Sure the boy can dance, but once he gets in front of the judges he just throws up charisma in an overly annoying fashion. However, this being a dance show, well, he can stay. As for the actual results, we were all shocked that Melinda didn’t go home because her solo was horrible, especially the musical choice that just didn’t seem right for what she was doing. And those pants. How are we supposed to pay attention to her feet when the lights are bouncing off her reflective hips and blinding us? And finally, we have got to start kicking some boys off because I love the all star guys and want to see more of them, which we can’t do if there are no girls left.

  2. I agree with you that Robert is annoying in front of the judges. I feel he’s getting better about that though. And yes some of the boys need to go, I was very disappointed that Neil wasn’t dancing this week. At least he was in the guest star routine tonight!

  3. Dear Trieu,

    As a frequent viewer of the site, and a huge fan of SYTYCD I was wondering if you could not put the elimination picture on the main page? I had only had a chance to watch the dances this week and I haven’t watched the elimination!!! Or maybe you could even use a picture of the 3 lowest vote contestants? That way if you haven’t watched it live you will at least not know who’s kicked off? Thanks!!

  4. Sorry Amy, I guess I didn’t think about that. It’s changed for this post, and will be for future posts as well.

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