SYTYCD – Season 7 – Top 10 Perform

Well I just finished voting 100 times for Robert, so I guess I can write my review on tonight’s performances now.

(I also realize the picture above is the Top 11, but it’s very hard to find new pictures in time to write this)

Paso Doble – Cristina ft. Pasha. (Jean-Marc Généreux) I can’t say I really understand this style of dance, but I enjoyed seeing all the dangerous flips. Great start of the show, you can’t go wrong with Pasha-Doble =)

Contemporary – Adéchiké ft. Allison. (Mandy Moore) There were no story to this routine and it’s just about passion. I thought he showed that pretty well. I would’ve enjoyed this routine a lot if I didn’t hate this song (Listen to your Heart)

Broadway – Alex ft. Lauren. (Tyce Diorio) All I saw here were steps, no “coolness” at all. Boring.

Jazz – Ashley ft. Mark. (Travis Wall) I agree with Nigel that this routine was too contemporary, I liked it nonetheless. I thought this dance was magic from start to end. There was so much passion between Ashley and Mark! I didn’t watch the show when Mark was originally on the show, but WOW is he good! Adding Travis Wall as the choreographer, this routine was an A+ for me!

Krumping – Billy ft. Comfort. (Lil’ C) I’ll give him an A for effort, that is all. Comfort was good, as always.

Argentine Tango – Robert ft. Anya. (Jean-Marc Généreux) Hot hot hot!!! If Mary was still around, I’m sure you’d hear the hot tamale train for this routine. Robert really stands out for me out of the 6 guys. He’s been very good at everything he’s done on the show. I didn’t really appreciate Mia saying he couldn’t take the lead. I did however thought it was cute that Anya defended him!

Contemporary – Melinda ft. Ade. (Stacey Tookey) Great story, great song. Melinda, however, is not. She was suppose to be mother earth in this dance, but I just thought she was very stiff and not graceful at all.

Bollywood – Jose ft. Kathryn. (Nakul Dev Mahajan) I’ll give him an A for effort too. This routine was very fun to watch though! And he seemed to really enjoy himself up there.

Lyrical Hip-Hop – Lauren ft. Dominic. (Tessandra Chavez) For someone who’s supposed to be in an abusive relationship, I thought she looked a little too happy on stage. She executed the steps very well though, I’ll give her that. Dominic was awesome, no complaint there. Tessandra Chavez is a new choreographer to the show and I hope they’ll be using her often!

Jazz – Kent ft. Courtney. (Tyce Diorio) “She doesn’t even care, you just touch her all you want, and that’s really new for me.” Yes, Kent, that’s because you’re used to touching boys. With that note aside, Kent is actually very good! He’s also very charismatic so I’m gonna guess he’ll be sticking around for awhile. I think my favorite part about this was when Nigel thanked Tyce for choreographing a true jazz routine and you can see Travis mouthing something haha.

My guess for the bottom three: Billy, Jose, and Melinda. I’m thinking that Melinda will be going home, but I guess we’ll find out tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “SYTYCD – Season 7 – Top 10 Perform

  1. I agree with Melinda going home for sure. Tappers never last long on this show, and I couldn’t really watch the dance because that dress they had her in was way too distracting.

  2. I agree about Melinda deserving to be at the bottom. Like Mia said last week there’s just something strange going on with her legs and they never quite look right on stage. I love Kent! He is so damn cute, I bet it makes it far just based on personality. Technically, I think Alex is so beyond everyone that its almost ridiculous. I’m surprised I’m liking the boys much more than usual this season. I’m glad you are reviewing SYTYCD!

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