Suggestion Box (Apr. 19 – 25)


The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Trailer – It’s another week of not a whole lot exciting on my radar movie wise, so I am forced to sink to these depths by including the new Eclipse Trailer.  And as much as I make fun of the melodrama of these films, I know I am going to see it at some point.  Why?  Because Dakota Fanning is BA and because I want to see Jacob get punched in the face (they better put this in the movie or else the best part of the book is lost).  Check out the trailer here.

The Last Airbender Trailer 3 – The newest trailer released brings about some more footage, including a quick peek at Appa.  Yay flying bison!  Check it out here.


America: The History of Us – If you want to learn about the US without reading really lame textbooks that apparently haven’t taught me the really interesting facts, then you should check this out.  There are plenty of higher quality “this is a reenactment with actors” stuff, as well as interviews with both the people you would expect and complete randos like Michael Douglas.  Anyway…  It’s a multiple night event (that I think are sticking to Sunday nights because the air dates are being rather elusive) on the History Channel, so go watch and learn stuff!

Happy Town Season Premiere – So I got to watch the full first episode of this new series and I have to say, it is going to be rather interesting.  This murder mystery show throws you head first into the story with a lot of backstory being hinted at and a lot of questions needing to be answered.  I will write a longer review for the show after the premiere this week, but I thought I would mention it here to give you the heads up for the airing of the premiere.  Check it out on Wednesday at 10/9c on ABC, and check out a preview if you are still unsure here.

SCRIPTEASE: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 1 – If you have ever wanted a quick recap of the first season of BtVS then read this.  The fans will find it hilarious, the rest of you will probably just think, “well, isn’t that special…” and go about your business (which should be watching the 1st season of the show so that you too can find this hilarious in the future.  And then watch the rest of the series).  Check it out here!


Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 News – (360/PS3/PC) – We still have a while to go before the sequel to the amazing Arkham Asylum is finished, but there have been some recent updates involving characters.  As far as villains go, a couple characters making appearances this time around are Two-Face, Mr. Freeze, and Talia al Ghul (though her status as a villain is debatable).  To balance out the evil with the good, Robin is going to be incorporated as well.  Now I have no idea what exactly this entails, because for all we know this could simply mean that he is going to be shouting “Holy escaped convicts, Batman!” into Batman’s earpiece, but here’s hoping this is a change for the good, like co-op or his own playable levels within the campaign.  Check out the little blurbs about the upcoming game and characters here and here.  And if you want to read a really intriguing and well thought out blog entry about the possible places the inspiration for the game is coming from, then check it out here.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Debut Trailer – (360/PS3/Wii/PSP/DS) – Don’t ask me why I still haven’t played the first game yet.  I even own it, so we will just call this a fail on my part.  But this trailer has given me all the more reason to crack open that case.  Check it out here.

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