Heavy Rain Chronicles: The Taxidermist (PS3 Exclusive)

The first downloadable content for Heavy Rain was released this week, and though I am not sure if it’s worth the price, it provides one intensely creepy experience.

If we have learned anything about reporter Madison Paige from the main game it’s that her snooping tends to get her into trouble.  This time around she is following another lead on the Origami Killer to the home of a taxidermist, finding a little more than what she expected inside.

This DLC is ridiculously short with a 20-minute completion time or so (the first couple seconds I had to dedicate to learning how to make her walk again), but these minutes are not wasted.  Once you get inside the home the episode plays out a lot like a horror film with every moment spent snooping adding a little more tension as you pray that she will stop making so much noise or the owner doesn’t come home even though you know it wouldn’t be this game without something like that happening. When the poo eventually does hit the fan I was quickly reminded of my stress-induced mind-wipe during the quick-reaction button-pressing sections of this game (which I think were far less forgiving this time around), and I was starting to wonder just how many variations I could see in accompaniment to my screw-ups.

But these player error’s early on were really just one ending to this episode, which has a nice little menu after the playthrough that shows how many of five have been seen as well as an easier-to-use reload screen that allows you to pick a part of the game to revisit and try to play out one of the other endings (which would have been nice to have for the main game).  Unfortunately once all five endings have been found the replay value is next to none, and though there are no trophies for completing it, there is at least a nice pile of concept art to go through to help lesson this disappointment.

Even though this episode is really short when all is said and done (and the change in voice acting is slightly distracting), it is still a great addition to the game.  Just be prepared to be way more disturbed this time around.

Final Grade: 7.5/10

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