Now Playing Review – Valentine’s Day

I still stand behind the fact that I am not a fan of this day, but Valentine’s Day has at least warmed my heart enough to be capable of acknowledging it as an acceptable holiday. But just this once.
In a nutshell, Valentine’s Day takes a group of characters that tie together in simple ways and depicts the relationships in their lives, whether they be familial, budding romances, friendships, till death do you part relationships, or what have you. The stories are all familiar and never veer from what is expected of them (except for one storyline), but the humor and the majority of the casting are enough to keep it entertaining and enjoyable. With the predictable stories the film also occasionally dips into the cheesier elements of the romcom genre, but it was at least not as sappy as the trailers that were shown prior to the film.
I know what you are thinking: where is the rest of the review? Well, Valentine’s Day doesn’t need much to explain it because you already probably know all you need to about this film. It has the basics of a predictable romantic comedy, a substantial and likeable cast, and enough love to make the audience fawn over (well, at least the girls. Expect a few waves of “aw!” from the crowd). Okay, maybe you are one of the people actually thinking that I have lost my mind for liking this film. But what can I say? It was the one day of the year that it is okay to love the hokey stuff, but color me a romantic.

Final Grade: B

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