HST… Film Review: John Carter

Lauren:  Before Pandora became more than the name of a box thanks to a little film called Avatar, before Star Wars became a space opera deserving of more than just cultish, nerd admiration (I’ll include Episodes 1-3 for Zac), there was a man named John Carter who found himself fighting for the inhabitants of Mars.  […]

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Review: Daybreakers

The Spierig Brothers get a bit of money to work with and create a wonderfully realized world in which vampires make up the majority of the earth’s population and while things may get a bit corny and convenient at times the film remains entertaining and solid due to its great work from its three great […]

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Review: Antichrist

First and foremost, Lars von Trier’s Antichrist is an unsettling tale in its morbid character study under the circumstances of a lost child, the sexual nature of the film, and the mutilation and violence that arise in the film. But the film is extremely affective and beautifully shot with daring and brave turns by the […]

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Review: Adam Resurrected

The latest from Paul Schrader is an interesting, bizarre, and effective character study that fails to work as a whole or find a concise voice as a film. Adam (Jeff Goldblum) is a Holocaust survivor that is spending time in and out of a rehabilitation center in the Israeli desert, functioning high above everyone else, […]

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