Review of The Campaign

Recently, talking heads have been making a fuss about The Dark Knight Rises, and how Bane was clearly a shot at Bain Capital, a company run by presidential candidate Mitt Romney. However, if any one thing from films this summer that should get under the skins of pundits is the new political satire The Campaign.

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Review: Megamind

Megamind is a not bad but not great film that takes a very scatter shot approach at lampooning the superhero genre and never steps out with its own message or voice. The premise of the film is familiar as it is basically ripping off every superhero movie before it.  Megamind, like Superman, is jettisoned from […]

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Review: The Virginity Hit

The Virginity Hit is a docu-style sex comedy produced by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay and is the funniest movie of the year so far. The film follows a group of friends after there last year of high school as they try to get their last friend to take his illusive virginity hit of their […]

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Review: The Other Guys

The Other Guys is the latest from Adam McKay and Will Ferrell and it serves as a great send up of the buddy cop genre with a consistently funny pacing and many flashes of brilliance along the way. Allen Gamble and Terry Hoitz are not the guys, that title is held by Detectives Highsmith and […]

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