Film Review: The Hunger Games

A child crawls out of the forest, looking for help that will never come.  Instead he is skewered and beaten to death.  Because he didn’t have the conch.  Yep, that’s how Lord of the Flies worked.  Ok, so maybe not, but this was still a rather gruesome thing to read even as a high schooler.  […]

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Review: Jonah Hex

The latest, and possibly most under the radar, comic book film this summer is the adaptation of Jonah Hex and the results are a mixed bag as the films focus seems to be in a lot of wrong places. Hex is a Confederate soldier of some rank but when he turns on his regiment and […]

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Rental Review – P2

In the spirit of the holiday I decided that I would treat myself to a little horror film. The problem is I am not always the best judge in selecting something because my love of the genre tends to block out the part of my brain that warns me as to how stupid the movie […]

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