Film Review: The Conjuring 2

James Wan is back with Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, bringing with them another case from the paranormal investigation files of Ed and Lorraine Warren. On the surface, The Conjuring 2 is a simple repeat of the premise of the first film with its terrified family and dangerously haunted house. Fortunately this is just a […]

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HST… Film Review: Safe House

Lauren: Maybe it’s just me, but Safe House is possibly the worst title for this film. We’re talking Alanis Morissette levels of irony; at least upon first glance, anyway. After all, before long it is easy to lose track of the meaning of “safe as houses” as Denzel Washington brings down a heap of pain […]

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Dissecting Source Code

Lauren: Though it isn’t as open to interpretation as Sucker Punch was last week, I felt myself needing a little bit of an explanation when leaving the viewing of Source Code.  That’s right!  It’s time for another dissection of a film.  Since I am coming more so from the mindset of “huh?” this time around […]

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Review: Source Code

Source Code is a fun and gripping ride that will throw some in the end but after some mulling over I think the film works in almost every capacity. The film is a sci-fi picture that presupposes that the government has created a program, called source code, which will allow them to send someone into […]

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