Review: Daybreakers

The Spierig Brothers get a bit of money to work with and create a wonderfully realized world in which vampires make up the majority of the earth’s population and while things may get a bit corny and convenient at times the film remains entertaining and solid due to its great work from its three great […]

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Review: Let the Right One In

This Romanian vampire thriller is full of suspense, a fantastic story, and a couple of outstanding performances from its pair of child actors. Oskar is a picked on twelve year old boy who spends his days after school fantasizing about his chance to finally stand up to these boys and hopefully even hurt them in […]

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Review: 30 Days of Night

David Slade’s adaptation of the vampire graphic novel quickly becomes mess and while having one or two decent moments, it is for the most part and unmemorable failure. Josh Hartnett stars as the police chief of a small Alaskan town that doesn’t see the sun for thirty days every winter. As he investigates a series […]

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