Dissecting Sucker Punch

As you have probably seen in our reviews of Sucker Punch, Lauren and I both quite like this film, but feel like it needs to be dissected further to get to its full worth. So that is why we are here partaking in a big spoiler filled discussion of Zack Snyder’s new film that will […]

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Review: Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch will have you wondering “why should I care” as you watch Zack Snyder’s beautiful film unfold, only to confound and confuse even further as it simultaneously saves the film from being narratively pointless in the end. That above sentence doesn’t seem to be high praise, but the more I think and talk about […]

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Gaming Review – inFAMOUS

(Originally written June 1, 2009) Talk about an ending… With a lot of games today the gameplay is all that seems to matter, with a story often tacked on without being smoothed out. These stories don’t necessarily take away from the gameplay, but when all is said and done it’s forgettable. But not with Infamous. […]

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