Review: Paul

Paul is a love letter to Spielberg and Lucas of the 70’s and 80’s with more references than you can shake a stick at in what is basically a giant geek road comedy that will work for film nerds and regular folk alike. Greg Mottola takes Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s script (they also star) […]

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Now Playing Review: Avatar

I will admit it, I was one of those people who was more than skeptical about how much I was going to like this film after first seeing the trailer a while back. I just didn’t think I was going to relate to the plight of some blue, anorexic looking humanoids. And frankly, I was […]

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Review: Avatar

James Cameron’s Avatar is finally here and not only does it deliver the visuals effects we were promised, which are quite possibly the best ever put on film, but the story is engaging and entertaining, if familiar, with a third act that must be seen to believe. In Avatar, James Cameron has literally created an […]

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Review: Baby Mama

Tina Fey’s second effort at writing for the big screen is a fairly successful comedy, that doesn’t live up to her comedy chops on 30 Rock. Directed by Michael McCullers, Baby Mama follows the story of Kate Holbrook (Fey), a hard working 30 something that has never had time for a child or family as […]

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