Review: Limitless

Limitless is a visual interesting and fun movie to watch, but it feels quite thin on plot and message for such an interesting and cerebral subject matter. Neil Burger’s film follows Eddie Morra who is a struggling writer, recently dumped by his girlfriend, and has no signs of forward growth anywhere in the near or […]

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Review: Little Fockers

Little Fockers greatly improves over the abysmal second act of this trilogy, but while I was consistently chuckling along the way, the film lacks any innovation with little we haven’t seen before in the genre; or series. Greg and Pam Focker have had a set of twins and they are close to celebrating their latest […]

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Now Playing Review – Stone

With Robert De Niro and Edward Norton’s names resting comfortably atop the title of the film on the poster one would think that nothing could go wrong in Stone. Turns out choice acting doesn’t always make perfection.  Instead the film still manages to sink like a stone. De Niro plays Jack Mabry, a parole officer […]

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Review: Machete

I found Jan Brewer’s beheaded bodies, they are in…Machete! The Grindhouse faux trailer turned feature length grind house film fits in perfectly with its predecessors, Planet Terror and Death Proof.  The film is just as over the top, gory, and ludicrous as those that aforementioned double feature and is filled with same game talent beyond […]

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Review: Everybody’s Fine

Everybody’s Fine is an interesting look at family life for a widower but lacks any real plot or enlightening meaning to really make us admire it beyond its performances. Kirk Jones’ film is a remake of an Italian film of the same name and stars Robert De Niro as said widower, Frank, who decides to […]

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