Film Review: Brave

Pixar’s latest entry, Brave, is a reimagining of the damsel driven fairy tale and Brave finds success outside its title not making a whole lot of sense and the connective tissues of the plot not being terribly well earned.

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Reflections with Toy Story 3

In my first post on this site I stated that I there are only 5 movie sequels that I love.  Well, I saw Predators the other night…and that didn’t change the count, in fact Predators was bad.  But the following night I got the kid some snacks and we saddled up Toy Story 3.  I […]

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Review: Cars 2

Cars 2 is fun, funny, fast paced, and an exciting spy movie that improves upon the original Cars and has fun with the genre its playing in; while turning in some quality set pieces that a lot of action movies wish they had. Check out my review of the Toy Story Toons short in front […]

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Review: Toy Story 3

The toys that made Pixar who they are today are back for their third (and final?) film and the results are on par with the stellar previous entries; especially the fantastic third act. The third film in this trilogy takes place eight years after the events of the second film and the toys are dying […]

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Rental Review – Up

Up proves itself to be another hit for Disney-Pixar, to the enjoyment of children of all ages. Towards the latter part of Carl Fredricksen’s life he decides to take a very unconventional trip to Paradise Falls, South America in order to fulfill a promise he made to his late wife. However, this sentimental trip inside […]

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