For Your Renting Pleasure

A few weeks have passed since my last compilation post of movie rentals, and I should be ashamed at my lack of movie watching, but I have still spent a large percentage of my time wisely!  We’re talking playing The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword on that stupid Wii and rewatching all three previous seasons […]

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Review: How Do You Know

How Do You Know provides a couple sporadic laughs but is more or less an abysmal failure of a movie at every turn. The story revolves around Lisa, an aging Olympic softball star, who gets cut from Team USA and finds herself trying to figure her life out.  Her life happens to run into a […]

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Rental Review – Year One

Year One takes a trip back to prehistoric times for its inspiration, but unfortunately no one remembered to pack the comedy. Going off of survival of the fittest standards, Zed and Oh would have been bred out of the species a long time ago.  In a nutshell, they are lazy outcasts who are unskilled at […]

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Introductions are in Order

Hello all, I’m Grant and I’ll be doing occasional reviews on this site. This introduction should let you know what I like, and what you can expect from me. Favorite Film Genre From Double Indemnity to Brick I love a good Film Noir. I enjoy the expansive plots and confusing narratives that leave me as […]

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Rental Review – I Love You, Man

We’ve all been there. Making friends can be a scary experience, full of rejection and awkward attempts to impress others with menial talents and sentence forming capabilities, all in the hopes of finding that special someone to share your bucket of chalk with as you draw beautiful murals on the sidewalk. Oh to be five […]

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Review: Year One

Harold Ramis is back behind the camera for his latest with his new Apatow friends and the result is a intermittently humorous film that is rather mediocre to not funny for over half the film. Oh and Zed are a pair of tribesmen that are quite the pair of failures in their tribe. Zed is […]

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