Rental Review – Legion

I sure hope the man upstairs is too busy going about his Godly chores to sit down and watch this movie, because if he does, Legion might just be reason enough to bring on the next apocalypse. As the story goes, when God loses faith in mankind he catastrophically shakes his global Etch-A-Sketch to clear […]

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Review: Iron Man 2

Summer is here, as is our first sequel of the summer in Iron Man 2 and the results are an entertaining and solid follow up to the widely lauded original, but I can’t quite put my finger on how it stacks up to its predecessor. The conundrum I have with the film is the tone […]

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Review: The Young Victoria

The Young Victoria continues the trend of successful royalty based period films that feel fresh and cotemporary and historically intact all the same and it is all grounded by a great turn by Emily Blunt as the title character. The film opens as a political battle of posturing and manipulation surrounds the British thrown as […]

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