Demolition sees Jean-Marc Vallée continuing to grow as a director, with Jake Gyllenhaal continuing the trend of delivering great lead performances for him.

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Film Review: Dream House

Dream House is an interesting idea, not a horror film, and has no idea what to do with itself; crumbling under a ridiculous exposition heavy third act twist that is almost laughable.  Poor and misleading marketing will make reactions to this film far worse then It deserves though as there could have been something here.

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Review: The International

A reserved espionage thriller of sorts is constantly engaging and very well made, but is missing a few key bits to push it to the upper level. Louis Salinger is an Interpol agent who has ties to Scotland Yard and had a mysterious exit from their ranks. He has been attempting to find dirt on […]

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Review: Eastern Promises

David Cronenberg’s follow up to History of Violence also stars Viggo Mortensen and is just as good, if not better than, that excellent film from two years ago. The opening scenes set up the cruxes of the story, an ill advised hit as well as the birth of a baby girl and the death of […]

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