Review: Crazy Heart

Crazy Heart is a nice little picture of redemption that hits all the expected beats and is solidly crafted from start to finish with a bunch of quality songs to enjoy along the way. The story follow Bad Blake a past his prime singer songwriter who has been supplying hits for a young country superstar, […]

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Review: Away We Go

Sam Mendes quickly returns with his latest film which is the anti thesis to his previous Revolutionary Road and the results are a fantastic look at parenting filled with heart, humor, and soul all rounded out by fantastic performances from everyone involved. Burt and Verona are in love, they are also having a baby, but […]

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Review: The Dark Knight

Christopher Nolan returns with his follow up to Batman Begins and has crafted one of the finest comic book adaptations in film history. Batman’s (Christian Bale) presence in Gotham is driving down crime, driving the Mob mad, and inspiring people like Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) to make a tangible difference in the city. Enter The […]

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