Film Review: The Change-Up

For the past few weeks I have agonizingly pouted over email after email announcing upcoming screenings that I could not make it to in my broken state, so by the time The Change-Up rolled around I was at my breaking point.  With the giddiness of a child refusing to stop believing in Santa come Christmas […]

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Rental Review – 17 Again

Although 17 Again revisits a story that has had many incarnations already, from Big (1988) to 13 Going on 30 (2004), as this movie proves, sometimes its nice to revisit the past. 17 Again begins in the best years of Mike O’Donnell life. He’s the star of the high school basketball team, he’s in love […]

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Review: Funny People

Judd Apatow’s latest is his lesser effort to date, but is still quite funny at times it just drags on a bit to long and doesn’t hit the emotional highs I think it was going for. George Simmons is a comedy superstar. He lives the life of celebrity, alone, in a large mansion paid for […]

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