Film Review: New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is a terrible movie, one you shouldn’t see, and I hope it is a giant failure so we don’t get Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Arbor Day movies over the next three years.  This is coming from someone who thought Valentine’s Day was a watchable mess, but this latest entry makes that film look […]

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Rental Review – When In Rome

A fountain of love is something I would definitely be happy to come across.  But as hopeful as a girl can be about finding one my expectations aren’t that high, so I will settle for watching a good romantic comedy about a fountain of this nature instead.  Unfortunately after watching When In Rome I have […]

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Review: When in Rome

It didn’t take long to get a huge stink bomb of a movie this year in 010 and that movie is When in Rome. The movie is so poorly written, is almost devoid of humor, is absolutely absurd, and gets nothing out of a decent slate of talent that made the unfortunate decision of taking […]

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