Film Review: Premium Rush

When I was little my sister and I spent hours and hours each week riding our bikes around the neighborhood, making up stories to build a world around the simple activity.  They obviously weren’t the best stories, but we were kids; so what’s Premium Rush’s excuse?

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Film Review: 50/50

Let’s be honest, cancer is not funny. Even if your worst enemy got cancer tomorrow, you wouldn’t be laughing at all, but trying to comfort him in his worst hour. So when writer Will Reiser was diagnosed with a type of spinal cancer, a part of his healing process, along with his friends Seth Rogen […]

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Now Playing Review – Inception

I remember reading something once when I was younger about the possibility of being able to control what happens in your dreams.  You were supposed to ask yourself throughout the day “Am I dreaming?”  Eventually this habit would cause your dreaming self to ask this same question, so that when you realized you were dreaming […]

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