Review: Iron Man 2

Summer is here, as is our first sequel of the summer in Iron Man 2 and the results are an entertaining and solid follow up to the widely lauded original, but I can’t quite put my finger on how it stacks up to its predecessor. The conundrum I have with the film is the tone […]

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Review: Couples Retreat

Peter Billingsly’s feature debut with screenwriting stars and duo Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau have created a relationship comedy that has a number of interesting points on couples, but really lacks a lot of good humor and drags at a miserable pace for the last forty five minutes or so. Dave, Jason, Shane, and Joey […]

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Rental Review – I Love You, Man

We’ve all been there. Making friends can be a scary experience, full of rejection and awkward attempts to impress others with menial talents and sentence forming capabilities, all in the hopes of finding that special someone to share your bucket of chalk with as you draw beautiful murals on the sidewalk. Oh to be five […]

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