Film Review: The Raven

“It’s a mystery what happened in the few days prior to Poe being found near death on a park bench.”  Oh really, movie!?  I’m pretty sure had Edgar Allan Poe been a part of a pretty notorious crime spree there would be record of that.  PREMISE BLOWN!

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For Your Renting Pleasure

Week after week I apparently find ways to theme my rentals without realizing it beforehand.  Scratch that, I totally did it on purpose, and you know it’s true cuz I said totally.  A couple of weeks ago I went with creature features, and this week’s selection of The Nines and Being John Malkovich has me […]

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Review: Hot Tub Time Machine

Hot Tub Time Machine is even more silly and absurd than you think and is a lot of fun but is a tad disjointed and random for its own good. Following a seemingly accidental suicide attempt, a group of friends go back to their old vacation stomping grounds to blow off some steam and reunite […]

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Review: 2012

Roland Emmerich’s latest is a good fun premise and starts off as an entertaining little disaster movie quickly dives into head scratching plot holes and absurdity that doesn’t make sense at any turn. (Spoilers throughout, sorry they must be discussed) The plot of the film revolves around the supposed end of the world predicted in […]

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Review: War, Inc.

John Cusack’s in-spirit follow up to Grosse Pointe Blank is no where near as effective as that film, and while there are some winning moments, the film fails to work as a whole. Brand Hauser is a contract killer for the U.S. and finds himself working for Tamerlane on a political assassination job in Turaqistan […]

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