Film Review: Sisters

Sometime during your spree of 10 Star Wars: The Force Awakens viewings this weekend, consider being a force for good by seeing Sisters. Sisters equals happiness, which is the opposite of anger. And we all know what anger is on the path to.

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Film Review: Trainwreck

When deciding between the Trainwreck and Ant-Man screenings this week the choice was easy seeing as Amy Schumer should easily destroy a man who shrinks in size when he gets action. Yet, as funny as it is, Trainwreck isn’t quite the sure thing I expected it to be.

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Rental Review – 12 Rounds

If you are looking for an action packed movie then look no further. If however, you like a little substance with your explosions, you should probably try elsewhere. Sure the plot is entertaining, but that is about all this movie has. From a writing, or rather, dialog, stand point this movie failed horribly. In fact, […]

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