Review: Cyrus

The first non-micro budget feature from the Duplass brothers keeps the realistic tone, gets great performances out of their leads, and knocks the humor out of the park when it tries to be funny. Now, don’t let that last bit scare you, this film is a comedy first and foremost but there are many quiet […]

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Review: 9

Shane Acker’s feature length debut is a bit of a half baked idea paired with astonishing visuals that in the end overcomes most of its short comings with its imagination and originality. 9 awakens in a world destroyed by war and immediately is thrown into an adventure to not only save a new friend, but […]

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Review: Step Brothers

Will Ferrell and Adam McKay re-team, with the help of John C. Reilly, for their third picture together and falls way short of being as good as their previous entries. Brennan (Ferrell) and Dale (Reilly) are both 40 something men still living at home with their parents. Nancy, (Mary Steenburgen) Brennan’s mom, meets Robert (Richard […]

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