Film Review: American Ultra

Walking into the screening of American Ultra I heard a couple of viewers wondering if the movie would be a lot like Adventureland, the last movie in which Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart played the leads together. Quick answer? No. No it is not. Maybe had Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig turned out to be […]

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Review: The Social Network

David Fincher’s latest is forever going to be known as “the Facebook Movie” but it will also be held up there with his finest works which is a filmography very few directors can touch. The Social Network is a look at the creation, rise, and legal woes of Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook in a […]

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Review: Zombieland

Ruben Fleischer’s feature debut is an extremely fun zombie comedy that is definitely more comedy than any of the many other genres on display here, which isn’t a bad thing since it is frequently hilarious. The zombie apocalypse is well under way in the United States and the living dead vastly outnumber the living. We […]

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Review: Adventureland

Greg Mottola’s follow up to Superbad shares little in common with that previous film, which isn’t a bad thing as this is an honest and sometimes sweet coming of age tale for a fresh college grad. James has a plan. As his graduation present his parents are supposed to help fund his trip to Europe […]

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