For Your Renting Pleasure

In this week of rentals I found myself disappointed with many of this years “better” comedies, where two other films ending up where I expected them to be.  If you’re considering renting The Alphabet Killer, Horrible Bosses, Your Highness, or Win Win then read my thoughts before making your choice this coming weekend.

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Review: Just Go With It

Just Go With It has a couple of funny moments sprinkled into a contrived and implausible mess of a plot that is only kept afloat by its appealing group of actors. Sandler’s latest comedy romance flick is a bit confused with what it wants to be as it openly embraces broad physical comedy as well […]

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Review: The Switch

The Switch is a high concept rom-com that might seem a bit, “I’ve seen this before,” but its great performances, fantastic heart, and the most realistic characters in a rom-com, in what feels like forever (save 500 Days of Summer), make this a quality effort that is easy to enjoy. (This review might be a […]

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Review: The Bounty Hunter

The Bounty Hunter is a blah effort that while not absolutely horrible, is no where near being good either.  The film’s identity crisis only fuels this mediocre effort at best. Milo and Nicole are ex-husband and wife and haven’t seen each other since the divorce.  Nicole works for a local paper and is on the […]

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Rental Review – Management

If Management depicts what constitutes a love story in the real world, then romance should be avoided at all costs. Steve Zahn plays Mike, a motel manager who falls in love with (AKA becomes obsessed with) Jennifer Aniston’s art saleswoman, Sue, while she is passing through on business. Stupidly, in a bout of loneliness she […]

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