Film Review: Real Steel

Real Steel still has some large flaws in many ways, but it isn’t hard to say that it has dethroned a certain transforming summer blockbuster from its spot as the top robot movie of the year (which it was only perched on because of a lack of competition).

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Review: X-Men Origins Wolverine

The X-Men franchise returns with an origin story of its main character Wolverine, and the end result is a fun, action filled summer movie that gets the season off on the right foot. James Howlett was born in the early 1800’s, a consistently sick boy; his father is murdered by vengeful neighbor who is father […]

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Review: Australia

Baz Luhrmann’s long gestating epic is a solid visual feast that is a bit disjointed story wise, but remains an entertaining film nonetheless. Nullah is the films narrator and he is a young aboriginal boy who lives and helps around Far Away Downs, which is a cattle ranch owned by Lady Sarah Ashley’s (Nicole Kidman) […]

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