Review: Conviction

Conviction takes a fairly remarkable true story and makes it incredibly bland and familiar, only shining when Sam Rockwell strolls onto the screen. The story follows Betty Anne Waters, a small town girl who has a strong bond with her brother, Kenny.  Kenny has been in trouble with the law time and time again and […]

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Now Playing Review – Conviction

Of the two recent films with stories revolving around the justice system, Conviction manages to do what Stone is unable to by creating a compelling film that draws the audience into the lives of the characters, played by actors that are able to shine in their roles. Conviction tells the story of the relationship between […]

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Review: Amelia

Mira Nair’s latest is a dull, bland, and almost completely forgettable effort that while capturing the look, sound, and stories of Amelia Earhart it fails to create any drama, tension, or just about any emotion inside of us over it’s run time. Spoilers ahead if you some how have know grasp on history. Picking up […]

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