Film Review: Ted

Seth MacFarlane’s feature debut, Ted, doesn’t take the risks it thinks it does and it would have been nice to see him stay away from his comfort zone a bit more than he does here.

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Film Review: The Rum Diary

Years ago when Captain Jack Sparrow was wondering where all the rum had gone, he probably would have never guessed that it was being stockpiled for another movie by the man filling his shoes.  That traitor!  Johnny Depp’s appropriately titled new film, The Rum Diary, has lots of rum, and not much else.

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Review: Avatar

James Cameron’s Avatar is finally here and not only does it deliver the visuals effects we were promised, which are quite possibly the best ever put on film, but the story is engaging and entertaining, if familiar, with a third act that must be seen to believe. In Avatar, James Cameron has literally created an […]

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