Film Review: Unbroken

There is no question that Louis Zamperini, the inspiration for the film Unbroken, lived through a long list of crazy experiences that would break most people.  To put it simply, he is an inspiration; an inspiration with a story that deserves to be told. But even the craziest life doesn’t make the best movie when it […]

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Review: Country Strong

Country Strong is a mess of a film with a horrendous script that goes nowhere, has no character depth, and feels like elaborate audition tapes for Paltrow and Meester’s potential music careers. The film follows Kelly Canter, a country music superstar, who is on the road to recovery in rehab when she is checked out […]

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Review: TRON: Legacy

TRON: Legacy returns the 80’s property to the screen with incredible visuals, a magnificent score, fantastic 3-D, inventive action, and an attempt at sci-fi world building that is ambitious and interesting but falls a bit short of being entirely clear or fascinating. Picking up 20 or so years after the original film, Flynn had gone […]

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