The Decade’s Best – Munich (2005)

Steven Spielberg’s – Munich (2005) Steven Spielberg continued his successful run of historical period pieces with this spy/thriller of sorts following the Israeli reaction to 1972 Munich Olympic hostage massacre that not only captures the tension of assassination, but perfectly conveys the right vs. wrong of the Israel/Palestine conflict. The film opens amid a flashback […]

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Rental Review – Defiance

These days it is not hard to find a movie or novel pertaining to the horrors of WWII, rarely do these stories rise above the usual sob story and become something more uplifting. Such is the case of Defiance. This film tells the true story of four Jewish brothers (three of which are played by […]

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Review: Quantum of Solace

Daniel Craig as Bond is back and he is delivering on the same level as Casino Royale in this dark, vengeful, and action packed investigation coming of age (as a spy) story. Now, fair warning to those that haven’t seen Casino Royale in a while, I highly recommend that you watch that movies shortly before […]

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Review: The Golden Compass

Chris Weitz first foray into the fantasy realm is one that is inspiring, and is almost something great, but I can’t help like feeling there was so much more to know. The film looks fantastic, with top notch CGI throughout, doing an exceptional job with the dæmon’s (pronounced demons), the animal manifestation of ones soul […]

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