Review: Grown Ups

Grown Ups is the latest from Team Sandler and he brings along his best friends and the Happy Madison All Stars for a comedy that succeeds on the charisma of its actors and nothing much else. The film revolves around a group of five childhood friends who are reunited after years apart when their childhood […]

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Review: Death at a Funeral

This new version of Death at a Funeral changes little from its British forbearer while still delivering the big laughs and hitting all the big notes it just drags a bit at times and rarely finds a consistent stride. The premise is simple, a family comes together for the main character’s father’s funeral and many […]

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Review: Bee Movie

What we have here is Dreamworks newest piece of animation that continues on a healthy run of quality, outside the atrocious Shrek 3, following Over the Hedge and Flushed Away. Bee Movie is equally as ridiculous as Flushed Away with the whole, Bee World, and it is just impossible to believe that the animals that […]

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