HST… Film Review: John Carter

Lauren:  Before Pandora became more than the name of a box thanks to a little film called Avatar, before Star Wars became a space opera deserving of more than just cultish, nerd admiration (I’ll include Episodes 1-3 for Zac), there was a man named John Carter who found himself fighting for the inhabitants of Mars.  […]

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HST’s Best of 2011: Television

With so much of my (Lauren’s) personality constructed by Television, from PBS shows of my childhood to everything Joss Whedon that influenced my sense of humor and sarcasm, it’s no surprise that every year I get pretty excited for the pilots making their attempt to gain viewers.  Not only that, but sometimes I go crazy […]

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Film Review: Drive

I don’t know if I would go as far as Zac does by saying that Drive is the best film of the year considering just how different it is from Bridesmaids and Super 8 (my previous favorites) and thus are pretty incomparable, but I’ll call it a three way tie.

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Film Review: Drive

Nicolas Winding Refn’s latest feature, Drive, is the best film of the year.  Sucking you into the dark and intense world of the Driver, played pitch perfectly by Ryan Gosling, the film will not leave you anytime soon after.

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Film Review: Contagion

Two seconds prior to the movie starting a man to the far right of where I was sitting starting hacking, as if on cue.  This was followed by a sporadic slew of coughing throughout the film, followed by a general ill feeling moving through my body, throat to stomach.    These are the things you are […]

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