Film Review: The Muppets

The Muppets is a joy of a film, as it is wonderful to have the gang back, and the sheer positivity of the characters paired with the excitement of seeing them on the screen again makes it easy to forgive a few shortcomings as you grin ear to ear over almost the entirety of the […]

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Review: The Fighter

The Fighter is a fine character study mixed in with a nice little true life sports movie that I can’t help but feel didn’t reach its potential or bar set by its peers. Following the last attempt of Mickey Ward to win a boxing title we dive into the people around him and shape him […]

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Review: Leap Year

Leap Year is a conventional rom-com that makes all the prescribed moves and is entirely predictable; only its two likeable leads and excellent cinematography save it from being an absolute failure. Amy Adams and Matthew Goode are just to fine of actors to be in this trivial and run of the mill premise where the […]

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Suggestion Box (Nov. 9 – 16)

Clash of the Titans Trailer – Yay violence, mythology, creatures and CGI. Check it out here. Date Night Trailer – Two of TV’s best comedians finally come together for this film. Should be great. Check out Tina Fey and Steve Carell here. Green Zone Trailer – Matt Damon doing what he does best. Check it […]

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Review: Julie & Julia

Nora Ephron’s adaptation of two books connected to the life and teachings of the chef Julia Child is an often hilarious yet a bit overly long tale that overall is quite the success in the end and carries one of the finest performances of the year. Julie Powell is a wannabe writer. Having written half […]

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Review: Sunshine Cleaning

This indie comedy has a few really bright moments and is never dulls, but fails to take full advantage of its interesting premise, but still manages to be an intriguing character study. Rose is a single mother living paycheck to paycheck working for maid service company as she works toward getting her real estate license. […]

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