Film Review: The DUFF

The DUFF suffers from a self fulfilling prophecy thanks to the title, becoming the Designated Ugly Fat Friend introducing you to the world of high school hierarchy films, when what you really want to be watching is something as pretty and popular as Mean Girls and Easy A.

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Film Review: The Help

There is a short list of movie topics that have a tendency to make me a little hesitant to see them, including zero to hero sports movies, revolutionary apes (sorry Rise of the Planet of the Apes), bible huggers, and racism.  Ok, only the religious and racial tension films (or a combo of racism and […]

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Review: Away We Go

Sam Mendes quickly returns with his latest film which is the anti thesis to his previous Revolutionary Road and the results are a fantastic look at parenting filled with heart, humor, and soul all rounded out by fantastic performances from everyone involved. Burt and Verona are in love, they are also having a baby, but […]

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Review: Juno

Talk about breaking a stereotype. Who would have thought that such a great film like Juno was written by an ex-advertiser/stripper/phone sex operator named Diablo Cody. But that is in fact what she has done and paired with one of the more capable young directors around, Jason Reitman, Juno might end up being the funniest […]

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