Now Playing Review – Rango

Though Rango has some of the best animation I’ve seen in a while, the quirky characters are not enough to keep the familiar story from being subpar to better films of the genre. The film opens on a chameleon named Lars during his daily routine of putting on productions with his fellow tankmates (AKA non-living […]

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Review: Rango

Rango’s story might be a familiar hodgepodge of classic films and such, but the title character and the amount of weirdness the film throws at us elevates it to accompany the incredible ILM animation. To call the film is actually almost an understatement. The film constantly borderlines on being inappropriate for children, has some rather […]

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Poster Reveal – The Tempest

So I have already been excited for the upcoming film adaptation of The Tempest for a while now for more than a decent amount of reasons.  Let’s just go down the list.  1 – Say what you will about Shakespeare re-appropriating stories and using crazy language that needs Sparknotes’ No Fear Shakespeare section to understand, […]

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