A Serious Analysis

First things first, if you haven’t seen A Serious Man, I would recommend watching it before reading this.  If you don’t follow my advice, don’t get mad at me when I tell you that Bruce Willis was a ghost…I’ve said too much… After I finished watching A Serious Man last year, I was stunned.  It […]

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Review: A Serious Man

The Coen brothers annual entry, A Serious Man, is their oddest film since Barton Fink and for all the thought provoking twists and turns that may befuddle, it remains a funny and often hilariously sad portrait of a man trying to find himself. Setting you up for something different from the get go, we dive […]

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09 – The Half Way Point

09 The Year So Far… So how are we doing in the great land of movies in this year now half gone? We have a couple of great movies, quite a few good ones, and even an instant classic on our hands. The summer season is turning out a fairly positive product so far this […]

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